An Unknown Love: Chapter 1

An Unknown Love Cover Final


Hi. My name is Allie. I’m an average girl with an ordinary life, a very realistic life. I’m 16 yrs old and I’m soon to graduate High school and be off to college. In our country, religion is very important and since my family is centered in the catholic religion, I too am very respectful when it comes to religous acts. Why did I mention that? Well, this whole story is souly centered on doing a religous catholic practice and how I “met” a guy who would probably change my world and change who I am for the rest of my life. He would and could do that much impact on me even though I don’t know his name. How can that be? How can someone have a strong liking for a person who she did not meet properly? Or how can a girl possibly love a normal guy without knowing who he really is and what he does in his life? Well.. That’s my story. It may seem tragic in some ways but I’m hoping it doesn’t. I’m Allie. I have lived peacefully and normally before the 17th of December 2012 came. Now.. I’m going crazy and I think I’m madly in love and I don’t know how this came to be, but I saw him, and he sorta saw me too. And I instantly fell inlove.

Chapter 1: “The night I saw you”
The morning of a new day came and I groaned loudly as I stepped out of bed and wobbled down the hall to reach the bathroom and quickly take a bath in time to prepare for another day.I live in the Philippines, small country but big population, also, a very religous country. December has started and Filipinos are very much getting frantic about the coming Christmas. Even in my family, we tend to get really in the zone whenever Christmas season comes. What family doesn’t? Christmas is celebrated all throughout the world and is anticipated by millions. My family is just one of them. And I too am just one of the many girls who strive to have a beautiful Christmas with my friends and love ones. This year I am 16 yrs old and I’m in my senior year in High school which means I will be graduating in the march of the year 2013. I, like many other senior students took college entrance exams and is hoping to pass the dream colleges that they want. As I mentioned before, Filipinos tend to get all traditional and formal when Christmas comes. One tradition is the “Simbang Gabi” or the Misa de Gallo which is the nine consequent days of attending mass. It is like the representation of the nine months of the journey of Jesus in Mary’s womb which interests me very much. I also heard of it and its legends before. One saying is that when you are able to complete the nine masses, your wish will come true. Naturally, 4th year students like me go to these said nine masses to be able to have a spiritual intervention in hoping to pass the colleges they want. As a senior, yes, I also attended this “Simbang Gabi”. First, I wasn’t able to attend the first two masses but I set aside my worries about missing those two days and just attended the 3rd mass. Before I entered our church, I only had one intention; to pray for my desired college and to pray for the people I love. But as I walked in on the 4th day of mass, I was given another reason to basically be running to mass everyday

As I entered the church I qucikly went to the middle pews and sat nearest to the middle aisle (Where the bride walks area/part). I was 30 minutes early this time so as to get a perfect seat since a lot of people attend mass. Finally after minutes, mass started and the first face I saw after the opening walk and stuff like that down the aisle was a face of a guy around maybe 17 or 18 or 19 yrs old. I saw him, standing by the altar, helping out the priest and serving them with a polite face and an unforgettable expression. He had on a weird cross-breed of happiness and seriousness that you can’t help but wonder what he may be thinking at the moment. He looks, tired yet determined in what he was doing and he looked genuinely friendly. I assumed he is tall but not too tall. Thin but not skinny, he was very calm and collected as he waltz through the front of the altar helping out the priest and the other altar boys. "SO.CUTE." My first thought was and it delighted me everytime he looked at the mass attendees since his face will be facing in my direction. I couldn't tell if he was looking at me but I didn't care and kept on staring at him. As mass went on, I couldn't help but just stare and turn my head to the priest once in a while but then back into staring at him some more. He looked at my direction so many times now that my brain has already memorized every angle of his face. While I stay in awe with his handsomeness I began to feel a bit awkwardness since he kept on looking my direction that I thought maybe he's staring at me too but the thought left my mind as quickly as it came in. He can't be looking at me? or is he? Nah.The hour flew by without me noticing and soon, mass was over. Now I know I have to get home as soon as mass is done since it was already 10 PM but I let myself sit there just for a few more minutes and watch him, together with the other altar boys, leave the altar with the priest and church-serving-people. The 4th night and 4th mass was over. It was also the first night I actually saw him and realized how much of the dream guy I have in mind that I saw in him. Huh. Good luck to me. If I'm falling for him now even if I haven't heard his voice yet nor know even his name.. I gotta keep my guard up because since I don't know him and it's entirely hard to be able to know even his name, I only have the 9:00-10:00 evening mass to really see him. And since there will only be nine masses to this "Simbang Gabi".. then I only have five more nights to see him.